Janice McDonald

Nutraceutical and Cosmoceutical Consultant

Helping you reach your health and wellness goals

Hi, I’m Janice! My vision is to empower 1 Billion lives live a healthier and more confident lifestyle.

My Story

I started my fitness journey when I signed up to run a marathon with Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training (TnT). Back then, I haven’t run anything past 1 mile so it was a big feat for me. Within 6 months, I ran a 5K, 10K, 20K, 2 half-marathons, and a marathon.

Then, I was introduced to weight-lifting. I started training with a trainer and fell in love with strength training. I also learned about nutrition and how it affects my recovery and body composition. 8-months later, I competed for my first bodybuilding competition in the figure division and won first place!

I entered the “I am Juggernaut” competition that was held by Infinite Labs. Back at that time, I was logging in my workouts and nutrition for figure competitions I was targeting. I ended up being an “I am Juggernaut” winner and was flown to Las Vegas for the Mr. Olympia competition to represent Infinite Labs. Because of this, I became one of Infinite Lab’s Elite Athletes, published in the Infinite magazine, and became a representative for the company. I fell in love with helping others with their health and wellness journey. As an elite athlete and representative, I kept a blog for Infinite Labs with recipes and tips. 

Then, I co-founded Asian Bodi which is a magazine that features Asian athletes in bodybuilding. With Asian Bodi, I was able to write recipes and health tips to be published in the magazine. I was also featured in regards to being a figure athlete. Then, my partner decided that he wanted to expand the magazine for the more popular brand name, Flex Magazine Southeast Asia (SEA). From here, I had the opportunity to become the online editor for the magazine.

Flex Magazine SEA enabled me to be able to interview professional bodybuilders and gain insights on how they have reached their elite levels. I also toured with Shawn Rhoden to launch Shawn Rhoden Classic in the Philippines and have seen first-hand how the bodybuilding organization has been created.

Although bodybuilding has given me plenty of exciting opportunities, I wanted to help more people which means going outside of the niche. I ended up getting my personal training certification and also became a Transitions Lifestyle Solution (TLS) coach. My hope is to help very busy individuals (like myself when I juggled being a full-time student, bodybuilding competitions, full-time web developer, elite athlete, representative, online editor, fitness model, and writer) be able to achieve their health and wellness goals.

My vision is to empower 1 billion lives to live healthier and more confident lifestyles by linking arms fitness and health professionals increase their client/patient outcomes and bring in more revenue to their business/practice, group coaching, and having more articles published.


My Values & Beliefs

Share education in health & wellness

Learning about health and wellness and sharing knowledge is a key component in empowering others. 

Link arms with health and fitness professionals

Create a team of health and fitness professionals to help them increase patient/client outcomes while bringing in more revenue into their office/business.

Stay hungry, keep learning

Stay on top of new breakthroughs and research to keep finding more ways to help others with their health and wellness.

How can we help you?

Solutions and programs are all available online which is perfect for busy individuals. Our first step would be to have a consultation to pinpoint if we can work together based on your goals.  Then we will send you customized options for you to choose and when we will begin.  You will be able to choose our appointments based on your schedule so we can discuss your progress.  We also like sending you resources such as recipes, videos, tips, etc. to help you with your journey. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us at any time. Working with us is as easy as 1-2-3.  To find more information with your individualized program, make sure to schedule your FREE 1-on-1 today!

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Towards your health & wellness goals today!